Sincere Tears

by Human Parents

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Primitive hollering.


released November 11, 2016

M. Nauseous - vox, guitar, lyrics




Human Parents Dallas, Texas

Lo-fi anti-folk, misanthropic fart brut gives u life!

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Track Name: CUL8R (Fascist Dictator)
Yr speeches are crude
And yr actin real rude, dude

You gotta weirdo haircut
And it's drivin me nuts, butt

You scapegoat the Others
and that makes me sick
Well they're all my brothers
So suck my dick, prick

I'll see u later, A fascist dictator
Yeh after while, child,
u big human pile

You appeal to the hicks
And to the knuckle draggers

Your hate filled bullshit
Makes their own lives matter

Blame their problems on muslims
Or the mexicans
Whoever is not white, ignorant or Protestant

When yr cussin and screamin
At yr Nuremberg rally
You better be prepared for your big finale
Track Name: Grrrl Don't U Know
Girl dont u know that i am the one for u
Do what u want i will be in love with u

Drag me thru the coals
And leave me in the cold
Verbally abuse me it never gets old

Cuz girl don’t u knw that i am the one for u
Track Name: Damnatio ad Bestias Blues
They give u a club
& tie a sack over your head
They tether you to a wolf
wolf bite you til yr dead

So what do you do?
What do you do?
U can’t see or breathe
with a wolf on top of you

Son, you better beat that wolf
to death with your club
Then gouge out it’s eye balls and rip out its tongue
Break its neck and make sure you

live live live (x2)
Cuz son they’re gonna do it again

again and again (x4)

They’re gonna tie you to a wolf again
Track Name: Trumped
Donald Trump is gonna be the fuckin president
People r thinkin Canadian residence

And it’s fucked, fuck, fuck donald trump
And we’re fucked (x2)

Donald Trump is gonna be the fuckin president
Everyone is gonna fuckin regret it


And we’re Trumped
And it sucks
And we’re trumped
and it sucks
look out
Track Name: Isn't It Nice
isn’t it nice
to make somebody feel good
isn’t it nice
to give them a hug

Isn’t it nice
To tell someone you like them
Isn’t it nice
To give a thumbs up

they’ll be nice to you
and that feels good too
and what do you do
well bro take it slow

if it feels right to u
well maybe you'll make it
but if one of you’s not ready
then baby u won’t
Track Name: Brand New Truck 2017
D well can u believe it’s 2017
A with the whips and the chains and the swinging thangs
D and nobody knows how to get out stains
A but all the kids know to call each other names

G and can u believe my Em luck, luck, luck
G I got a brand new Em truck, truck truck
G and i can drive it Em really really fast
G and the cops in this town can Em kiss my ass

Am cuz i’ve
D got a brand new
G truck

D well i can’t believe things have gotten so sad
A I’ve forgotten the difference tween good and bad
D the slightest provocation makes me mad
A misfortune of others makes me glad

G but can you believe...
Track Name: SMVO (Showing My Virginity Off)
D Some like it fresh
A Some like it groovy
D Some like it hot
A And some like it moody

E Showin my virginity off
A That’s a song yall
E Showin my virginity off
A I’m on the sauce yall

D Some like it lit
A And some like it snooty
D Some lie it tite
A And some like it fruity

E Showing my virginity off
A Hit a bong yall
E Showign my virginity off
A I’m feelin strong yall
Track Name: There's A Hidden Fire In Everything
D Here’s a little ditty let (7)
G The truth be told (4)
D Here’s a little ditty to (7)
A Expose my soul (4)
D Here’s a kiddie’’s song that I (7)
G hope you will sing (4)
D there is a hidden fire (7)
A in everything (4)

D but your young (3)
D and your dumb (3)
D and your blind (full of cum) (3)
A so it burns you (4) (x4)

D Here’s a little song I let (7)
G the heavens know (4)
D Here’s the three chords that I call (7)
A rock and or roll (4)
D Here’s a dead man’s hand and a (7)
G bell that will ring (4)
D There is a hidden fire (7)
A in everything (4)

D But your old (3)
D And your wise (3)
D And you see (3)
A It consume you (4)

D but your young
D and your dumb
D and your blind (full of cum)
A so it burns you (repeat both twice)

D There is a hidden fire
A in everything (x2)