Brand New Truck 2017

from by Human Parents



A song written last year resonates y updates.


D well can u believe it’s 2017
A with the whips and the chains and the swinging thangs
D and nobody knows how to get out stains
A but all the kids know to call each other names

G and can u believe my Em luck, luck, luck
G I got a brand new Em truck, truck truck
G and i can drive it Em really really fast
G and the cops in this town can Em kiss my ass

Am cuz i’ve
D got a brand new
G truck

D well i can’t believe things have gotten so sad
A I’ve forgotten the difference tween good and bad
D the slightest provocation makes me mad
A misfortune of others makes me glad

G but can you believe...


from Sincere Tears, track releases December 30, 2017
M. Nauseous/S. Spit-Nauseous - lyrix, M. Nauseous - guitar y vox




Human Parents Dallas, Texas

Lo-fi anti-folk, misanthropic fart brut gives u life!

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